Quick Tip: Run PowerShell Scripts Automatically with Task Scheduler

For those of you not familiar with the Windows Task Scheduler, it allows you to run programs (tasks) based on a at a certain time (schedule) … task scheduler … get it?  You’ll find it in the Control Panel, under Administrative Tools.
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Updates to “Sending mail with PowerShell”

By far, my most popular blog post to date is Sending mail with PowerShell – in the past month alone, it has nearly a thousand unique page views.

I’ve had several questions on the post and today I made some significant updates to it to reflect various different scenarios, including multiple recipients and attachments (and multiple attachments).

If there’s a scenario I’ve missed or you have any questions, add a comment to that post.

Google Analytics on WordPress Multisite

I recently had a need to add Google Analytics code to every site in a WordPress sub-folder multisite network.

Obviously, there are a lot of plugins for adding GA code to a WordPress site.  Most of these are intended for single sites – some will work on multisite, but they expect you to enter the tracking code on each site in the network.  In some cases this may be nice, as it allows you have different tracking codes for different sites, but it also allows an admin for each site to change the code.  That, coupled with the extra work of manually adding the code to each site led me down a different path.

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