WordCamp Scranton

If you’ve been following me on Twitter of Facebook, you’ve probably figured out that I was involved with putting on the first WordCamp Scranton earlier this month.

For those of you who don’t know, WordCamps are day-long (or multi-day) events focused on the WordPress content management system. Website owners, bloggers, business owners, developers, designers, artists, anyone who has an interest in putting something on the web are welcome to come to a WordCamp. While the WordPress software itself is great, I’ve always felt that the community around WordPress is what’s made it the best. And I think WordCamp Scranton was able to exemplify that.
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Quick Tip: Run PowerShell Scripts Automatically with Task Scheduler

For those of you not familiar with the Windows Task Scheduler, it allows you to run programs (tasks) based on a at a certain time (schedule) … task scheduler … get it?  You’ll find it in the Control Panel, under Administrative Tools.
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