Why shouldn’t Active Directory know my favorite beverage?

Software engineers can be practical AND funny… when they want to be.

Take the Active Directory schema for instance.  Most people … hell, even most SysAdmins … would probably never notice an attribute that’s buried in the nether regions of the system, just waiting to be linked and populated.

Straight from the Microsoft Developer Network documentation, I give you the “drink” attribute:

Source: Microsoft Developer Network

I mean, what SysAdmin wouldn’t want to store their users’ favorite drinks in the corporate identity system? How easy does that make it to run a report come time for the company Christmas party, amiright?

Personally, I would probably extend the schema to diversify it a bit. I’m sure we could find great uses for storing these attributes for our users:

  • favorite_beer
  • favorite_liquor / favorite_mixed_drink
  • favorite_soda
  • favorite_baked_good
  • favorite_salty_snack

When used efficiently, the directory should be able to tell us everything we need to know about our users. Therefore, this is only logical.

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  1. (&(objectCategory=user)(favorite_barfood=buffalowings))


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