Northeast PA WordPress Meetup

WordPress LogoThis may surprise some people, but I really like to talk about WordPress. (Hmm… I think I just felt a collective groan from my coworkers, family, and friends.) Yeah… some might say that I talk about it just a little too much. So, to feed my WordPress habit – and to maybe help out a couple of people along the way – I’m helping to form the Northeast Pennsylvania WordPress Meetup group.

What’s a WordPress Meetup, you ask?

WordPress meetup groups  exist all over the world.  They are user groups, support forums, social gatherings, 12-step WordPress addiction programs… basically, they’re a bunch of people getting together and talking about all things WordPress related.  Some meetups are focused on a specific track, like “developers” or “bloggers” while some will cover a wide variety of topics – from general usage, to theme design, to contributing to the WordPress core software.

Why Northeast Pennsylvania, you ask?

The easy answer is that I live in Northeast PA.  Moreover, since I’ve been living and working in the area again, I’ve wanted to help foster a great technology community in the area. The next closest WordPress-centric groups are at least a hundred miles away from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. I love me some WordPress, but that’s a pretty long haul.

So what’s the group doing?

We had our first meetup in March, with a turnout of over twenty people. The group’s skill set ranged the whole way from “I’ve heard of WordPress, but have no idea what I’m doing with it” to “I’ve been developing on it for years” and everything in between. I walked away with a sense that people want to do this. More importantly, I reaffirmed by belief that there are great people who want to do wonderful things in and for Northeast PA.

Our next meetup is next Tuesday, March 26th from 7 to 8 p.m. at The Vintage Theater in Scranton. This month, I’ll be presenting “WordPress is Installed… Now What?” – covering the basics of site settings, themes, and plugins. I’m not intending this as a classroom lecture – I’ll give my thoughts and want to solicit ideas from others in the group that have been using WordPress and questions from those who want to get started. No matter what your experience is, we want to see you!

We’re planning to hold meetups every month in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. For those who can’t make it to the events, we’re planning to host a live stream and post the videos after the fact for everyone to view.

This is a collaborative effort, so come on out!

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