My perfectionism be damned

On a regular basis, I find myself fighting against my own perfectionism to actually get things done.  Sometimes it’s that I take FOREVER on my current project, trying to make it just right.  Unfortunately, sometimes it’s that I put off starting a project that I’d really like to work on, because I feel that I haven’t taken the time to think through all the minutia… meaning that it’s very unlikely that I’m going to start the project, because I have hundreds of things running through my head on a good day.

This is something that I know about myself and I actively try to combat it.  Unfortunately, the more I let myself get bogged down, the more I let this creep in, which only tends to bog me down more.  Sigh.

Fortunately for my current set of perfectionism roadblocks, a friend re-tweeted this comic (and the corresponding post) from Incidental Comics:

You hear that perfectionism?!?  GET OUT OF MY WAY!  I have some cool things to do.

And yes … I had to get that out of my system before I get on getting on.

*Starts scribbling in my notebook*


  1. So help me it sounded like your dad talking 🙂


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